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Snowbirds Make the Smoky Mountain Area Near Sevierville Home-Away-From-Home Over the Winter

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians hard at work. SERVPRO can and will handle any water damage done to your property. No matter the size of the issue.

Learn More About these Feathery Guests from the Comfort of Your Sevierville Home

Natural historian Stephen Lyn Bales and the University of Tennessee Arboretum Society want to share information about our unique cold-weather visitors. You can learn where to look for these special birds, including which trees they prefer and the typical heights for their nests. Knowing their preferred foods can help you entice them to visit grassy areas around your business.

You don’t need to meet in person on a cold and snowy evening, but instead, everyone can make some hot cocoa and stay warm at home. The Zoom meeting has a scheduled date of Thursday, January 14, 2021, between 7:00 and 8:30 PM. You can contact Michelle Campanis at (865) 483-7277 to receive your Zoom credentials. Pre-registration is required, but you do not need a Zoom account for this event.

Some of the birds covered include:

  • Winter wrens,  
  • Hermit thrushes, 
  • Yellow-bellied sapsuckers, and
  • Dark-eyed juncos

Call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 for faster B2B services like commercial water removal, cleanup, and restoration of your Sevierville business that help keep it going.

Gatlinburg Celebrates the New Year with Fireworks and Music

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician Flood damage can be detrimental to ones property. Call the SERVPRO team for the help you will need for the restoration services.

Ring in 2021 with the Ball Drop at Gatlinburg’s Space Needle

Join the huge crowd on Thursday, December 31, 2020. Nearby parking and plenty of standing room around the intersection at the Historic Nature Trail and Parkway gives everyone a fantastic view of the Ball Drop and fireworks. Many area businesses traditionally have giveaways and other promotions for those who attend. These include heavily discounted merchandise, special event offerings, or free goodies.

Show up early and consider these things while preparing for the event:

  • Dress warmly, including hats and gloves,
  • Wear comfortable but warm shoes as the ground might have snow, and you might need to walk from your parking spot and back, and
  • Bring folding chairs for anyone unable to stand for extended periods.

The restoration experts of SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties live in our area and understand the dangers caused by flooding. Calling (865) 429-8885 is the first step toward making your home safe, “Like it never even happened.”

The Distinctive Haze of the Smoky Mountains Does not Signify a Fire in Gatlinburg.

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside fire damaged home No matter the size of the fire, call SERVPRO for the fire restoration services needed for the job.

Instead, this Enduring Mist Creates an Astoundingly Beautiful Haven for Gatlinburg’s Wildlife

Much of the wildlife in Gatlinburg lives above our heads. The plentiful birds bring many tourists to our area. Bird watching is a timeless pastime that people of all ages enjoy – as both solo enthusiasts and those who pass it down to youngsters in their family. 

The ecology of the Smoky Mountains supports a variety of different mammals and reptiles, and birds. Only a few animals in the Smoky Mountains pose any threat to people but staying safe when outdoors should remain a priority, especially when youngsters engage in outdoor activities. Animals are not the only source of possible problems. 

When spending time outside, especially in wooded areas, please take care regarding

  • Seasonal elements like intense winter cold or insects in summer (fire ants are becoming more common),
  • Snakes hidden from view inside logs or windblown piles of leaves,
  • Poisonous berries and mushrooms (just because you see wildlife eating something does not mean it is safe for people to eat), and
  • Mishaps caused by uneven terrain or exposed tree roots, among other hazards.

Visiting an area that others have made safer through marked trails, smoothed-over terrain, and other amenities can also make learning about animals more enjoyable. No matter your age or amount of knowledge, interacting with animals can decrease stress. Instead of enclosing the animals inside pens or cages, marking specific areas protects wild animals in their natural environment. 

Two Distinct Places Near Gatlinburg Provide the Public with Safe Contact with Wildlife

Although many families in Tennessee use deer and other animals to supplement their pantries, up-close interaction does not happen in the same way as it does with a family pet. Without our wild critters, Tennessee would not feel like home.

Seven Islands State Birding Park in Kodak

Almost 200 different kinds of birds make this area home for at least part of the year. Located under migratory paths of several species, many rest here during seasonal flights. This State Park offers much more than what its name implies, however. Visitors can enjoy nature hikes, boating and fishing, and viewing other wildlife.  

Across the Park’s 416 acres lay different types of settings that support birds and other living creatures:

  • Flat areas once used for farming, complete with old barns that attract barn owls and sparrows,
  • The French Broad River, a haven for waterfowl, including herons, 
  • Wildflower meadows, perfect for small birds and butterflies, and
  • Forested areas that harbor many birds, including woodpeckers, particularly along the Hickory Ridge Trail.

The Smoky Mountain Deer Farm Exotic Petting Zoo and Horseback Riding Stables in Sevierville

If your family wants more than bird watching, getting some hands-on, up-close interactions with gentle creatures like camels, horses, deer, and elk, larger birds like the emu, or even a kangaroo, a petting zoo is perfect. 

This petting zoo keeps the animals in larger enclosures and stables, complete with ongoing regular veterinary care and weight limits on the animal rides. Caring for animals helps build empathy for others and is an excellent way to help teach children. Adults can find it therapeutic in that it dramatically relieves stress. 

Over the winter, pregnant deer and elk begin showing, with males growing their antlers, complete with light fur on their living crowns. These animals give birth starting in late May, as well as in June and July. There are plenty of other animals you can see, touch, feed, and photograph. 

  • Goats,
  • Zebras, zonkies, and donkeys,
  • Pot-bellied pigs from Vietnam,
  • Miniature horses and ponies, and
  • Cows, including the super-long-horned Watusi.

Because some of the animals included fall under the ‘prey animal’ classification. The petting zoo has an exemption from the ADA and does not permit service animals to enter the animal enclosures. A large zoo-keeping staff takes care of the animals living here, and their health and well-being are a priority. You can call (865) 428-3337 for more information about the stables, riding area, and petting zoo.

You can Help Take Care of Our Tennessee Wildlife near Your Gatlinburg Residence.

You can help wildlife around your Gatlinburg neighborhood by putting out birdseed, picking up litter, and not pouring chemicals (oils, antifreeze, gasoline, etc.) onto the ground, which can lead to contamination of the environment. 

Scalable Services Ensure Minimal Costs, Efficiency, and Completeness for Our Customers in Gatlinburg

A Gatlinburg home can experience fire damage in many ways. Homeowners should address all damage, including minor destruction, to protect their investment and the health of their family members. This is so important and why SERVPRO technicians train to handle all stages, types, and degrees of fire damage.

Cleaning smoke deposits that coat your walls and ceilings after a neighbor’s home burns and leaves your house smoky-smelling prevents the odor-causing particles from creating permanent damage and affecting other areas of your residence. At the other end of the scale, SERVPRO can perform complete or partial demolition work and electrical systems installation, plumbing, painting, and installation of different flooring options. 

SERVPRO Uses a Super-Fine Mist to Eliminate Odors from Fire Damage

While the mist covering our mountainside comes from evaporated water, smoke carries microscopic particles as the heat from burning materials pushes it throughout a Gatlinburg home’s structure, significantly increasing fire damage. These tiny particles come from partially combusted things and can remain in areas unaffected by any demolition work. These substances can cause problems like

  • Corrosion and etching of hard surfaces, particularly smooth or glossy ones,
  • Staining of absorbent furnishings, ranging from upholstery to hardwood flooring,
  • Creating static-charged web-like smoke tags in upper corners, and 
  • Ongoing odors, which can aggravate or cause undesired health effects.

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties helps protect local families by eliminating the toxins and other harmful substances created during a fire. Faster To Any Size Disaster, we know what it takes to ensure your home becomes livable and healthy. Our emergency line, (865) 429-8885, is always available, 24/7, 365 days a year.  

Learn to Make Essential Oils with the Gifts Made Easy in Gatlinburg Class

12/3/2020 (Permalink)

Essential oil with flower sprig in background We are looking forward to learning new skills at the Gifts Made Easy Gatlinburg Class.

A Virtual Event in Gatlinburg Where You Can Learn to Make Inexpensive Gifts 

Sharing gifts, especially during the festive season, is a gratifying experience. If you have a hard time finding the exact items you want for your loved ones in Gatlinburg, you may consider alternative sources. You can even make the gifts yourself. Making the gifts can be advantageous in many ways, including minimizing the cost and saving you the hassle of the shopping frenzy. In case you have no idea how or what to make, the Gifts Made Easy event can help you.  

The class offers many benefits: 

  • It is a multi-date event, so you can pick the most appropriate time to learn
  • Various recipes available to help you make fun and simple gifts suitable for the festive season, including bath salts, room sprays, and sugar scrubs, among others. 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties helps with water removal from Gatlinburg properties after accidents or natural disasters. Call us at (865) 429-8885 to help restore your property to its preloss state.

Sleep with the Sharks in Sevierville

11/26/2020 (Permalink)

Children watching sharks in aquarium Don’t let water damage make you feel like you are ‘swimming with sharks.’ Call SERVPRO!

A Night of Fun-Filled Activities for Sevierville Families at the Ripley’s Aquarium 

Do sharks sleep? Probably not, but you can find out by spending a night at the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, where you can observe them up close right in Sevierville during an event dubbed Sleeping With The Sharks – Family Edition, on the night of December 26, 2020. You can enjoy various exciting things during the night, including a scavenger hunt and a dive-show. You have sufficient time to explore the giant aquarium since it starts at 8 PM to 8.45 AM the next day. You can bring your family members or friends along since the event is for up to 40 people. The minimum attendance age is five years.  

A breakdown of some of the fascinating activities includes: 

  • 30 minutes of the dive-show starting from 8.45 PM
  • Late night snack during the feeding frenzy, starting at 10.15 PM
  • One-hour scavenger hunt starting at 10.45 PM 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties is one of the established water restoration companies serving the Sevierville area. Call us at (865) 429-8885 to help you deal with any water-related damage at your property.

Why Does Smoke Odor Linger Long After the Fire Ends?

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

firefighters eating food in a warehouse We support and enjoy learning from our local firefighters.

SERVPRO Removes the Source of Odor as Quickly as Possible from Your Gatlinburg Kitchen

Even if a kitchen fire burns for a very short amount of time, the odor can remain in your Gatlinburg home for days or weeks after the fire.  Leaving plastic on a glass cooktop and having it melt causes a noxious odor that can be difficult to remove.  If at all possible, remove the odor source from the property. It would be best if you did not leave anything smoldering in your kitchen. It is crucial to remove both the plastic and cooktop right away to mitigate further damages and more pungent odors. However, even if you act quickly, you may have strong odors lingering for quite some time after the fire. 

What Are Some Things Homeowners Can Do While Waiting for Professional Assistance?

SERVPRO's emergency response team takes steps to ventilate your home properly. While waiting for fire damage assistance in Gatlinburg, you may want to increase air movement within your home.  Using fans to pull stagnant air out of your home and open windows help rid your kitchen of some thick, smokey air by exchanging it for cooler outside air. Once the professional team at SERVPRO arrives, they will employ their industrial-strength equipment for faster results. Before enhancing interior ventilation, check with SERVPRO.

How Does SERVPRO Adequately Ventilate After a Fire?

  • SERVPRO fire technicians create a plan to ventilate your home, either using outside air in an open system or a closed system using air scrubbers with HEPA filters.
  • If the air outside is warmer than inside, technicians typically use a closed system.
  • Centrifugal air movers, using ducts, can port interior air to the exterior via a window
  • SERVPRO technicians use respirators in smoke-filled interiors

In addition to ventilation, technicians use various techniques and products to rid your home of smoke. Masking agents, deodorizers, and fogging equipment all work together to eliminate odors after a kitchen fire. 

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

A Locally Owned and Operated Restoration Service Keeps Flood Damage in Gatlinburg in Check

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

closeup of woven baskets with Gatlinburg logo in background Don't let flood damage ruin your enjoyment of the area's attractions. SERVPRO is always standing by.

SERVPRO Responds within Hours to Save Gatlinburg Properties Affected by Flooding Incidents 

Gatlinburg is an attractive mountain resort city tucked away at the edge of Tennessee. Before the current occupation, the area was part of the pathways used by Native Americans during their hunting excursions. Today, the town provides a thrilling experience for visitors or residents who love spending time outdoors. Rafters and Kayakers, especially, can enjoy a great time in the Little Pigeon River with its exciting whitewater rapids. Some of the exciting things you may not know about the river include: 

  • It is one of the top rafted rivers in the entire country, although less known. In 2017 it was ranked third by the total number of visitors
  • The Little Pigeon and the Pigeon River are separate bodies of water that never meet despite sharing a name
  • Apart from tourism, the river powered the local economy in the early 1900s by driving the Old Mill gristmill, which provided the Pigeon Forge area's electricity.  

A Great Place to Learn About the Early Settlements in the Appalachians 

The Old Mill was of the many similar installations that littered the smoky mountains region in the 1800s. Apart from producing electricity, the technology was also crucial to the grinding of flour for pastries and other meals. Today, the Old Mill does not generate electricity but provides a perfect glimpse of life in the days gone of old. It features in the National Register of Historic Places, and among similar mills, it is one of the most photographed. There is a general store at the mill where visitors enjoy a wide range of homemade jellies, jams, and salad dressings, among other things. A visit to the mill provides a chance to learn how candy and pottery were once made by hand.  

Learning the crafts from yesteryears can also happen in a formal setting such as the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. The school serves anyone interested in arts such as woodturning, weaving, ceramics, paper-making, and painting, whether as a hobby or for other purposes. It is famous for its two-week, one-week, and weekend workshops. It is the oldest craft school in Tennessee, founded by the Pi Beta Phi women's fraternity of the early settlers in 1912. The move was prompted by reports of a lack of education and widespread poverty in the Southern Appalachian and the need to provide free education. Even in those early days, the school served as a place to learn informal aspects of life since the children in the area did not know most childhood games or even traditional Christmas celebrations, so the teachers had to fill in.

At the time of establishment, it was the only public school in the area. The situation improved in the early 1940s when Sevier County took control of public schools. Apart from teaching arts, records from teachers at school provide the only written account of everyday life in the area before the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established, which radically changed the region's economy and culture.  

Present Day Attractions in Gatlinburg 

Apart from past era monuments, Gatlinburg has many modern attractions that spice up what the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers. The park has continued to draw tons of visitors since it was established in 1934. Its establishment had to overcome many economic, political, and cultural obstacles because its land was obtained from individuals then amalgamated to form the park. Some people also had to be relocated from the area since one of the main driving forces for its creation was to save the Southern Appalachian from the threat posed by the logging boom.

Some of the alternate attractions include: 

  • The Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, which hosts at least 10,000 sea creatures. It is said that there are more fishes in the aquarium than the people living within the confines of Gatlinburg town. It is a great place to see various species, including sharks, turtles, and penguins, among many others.
  • Unique tours around the city, such as the Best Moonshine Distillery Tour and Tastings. The guided walking tour takes visitors to different local distilleries, tasting different flavors of the drink forbidden in the past when it was sold in secret. People also get to enjoy exciting stories about the history of the beverage during the tours.
  • The Gatlinburg SkyLift Park which provides a perfect view of the smoky mountains and the entire town. The SkyBridge is famous for being the longest pedestrian suspension bridge. With the area's hilly nature, this might be the best way to see the locale with minimal effort. 

How Long Does It Take SERVPRO to Respond To Flooding Incidents In Gatlinburg? 

The mountainous terrain in the area tends to force rainwater into narrow channels posing risks to nearby properties. The flood factor scorecard places over 17% of properties at extreme risk of flooding. SERVPRO helps reduce the effects of flooding in Gatlinburg by offering faster response and access to sophisticated mitigation resources. 

The best response to a flooding situation should start soon enough after the property is inundated to prevent secondary deterioration after the initial exposure to water. SERVPRO customer care staff are reachable 24 hours a day, so you can request assistance promptly after noticing flooding in your property. When called to a property, we take several steps, including: 

  • Sending a team to the site within four hours after receiving the call. Our techs are equipped with state of the art water extractors and moisture management equipment to counter the loss.
  • Securing the property on arrival by boarding up openings or setting up roof tarps
  • Moving items from flooding sections to unaffected areas within the property or an alternative location.
  • Spraying EPA registered disinfectants directly into the floodwater to minimize the risk posed by pathogens. 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties recognizes the hard work involved in making a home. Therefore, we work hard to mitigate the effects of flood damage helping Gatlinburg homeowners avoid severe losses. Call us any time at (865) 429-8885.

Warm-Up at the Chili Cook-Off Just Outside of Sevierville!

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

two bowls of chili on a table It will be exciting to see the community at the chili cook-off!

Sevierville Locals Can Come Taste The Mouth-Watering Recipes on November 12, 2020

The Gatlinburg Chili Cook-Off is sponsored by Bush's Chili Beans and held just outside of Sevierville. The cook-off brings many tastes together, including chili made from exotic meats, vegetarian and vegan options, and traditional creations. Bush's Chili Beans were featured as a foundation for many of the chili creations.

  • The cook-off is November 12, 2020, from 5-8 p.m.
  • There will be free; live entertainment offered throughout the event.
  • Tickets are required to enter the event, and sales are limited to allow for attendees' social distancing.
  • Tickets are $10
  • Children 5 and under are Free

Once you enter the cook-off, you can taste each of the chilis and wait to see which dishes win the price from the judges at 8 PM. The band "On the Border," an Eagles tribute band, will provide the evening's musical entertainment.

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 serves the local community by assisting local eateries to stay clean and healthy through commercial mold remediation as needed.

Does Water Cause Continuous Harm to a Property?

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

library water damage dehumidifier between book cases Sevierville Properties benefit from SERVPRO's fast water removal services using advanced drying equipment. We even save books.

Without Expert Water Mitigation, your Sevierville Home Could Suffer Extensive Losses. SERVPRO Has Water Restoration Technicians Ready to Help.

Is water intrusion in a property an urgent problem?

When large amounts of water enter an indoor environment that is not built to sustain it, severe damages can occur. A water intrusion event in your Sevierville home can affect materials, contents, and building structures. Microbes found in water can reproduce and begin to digest organic matter, which could be carpet fibers, textiles, or wood constructs like the Gypsum board. There are numerous reactions involving moisture that can occur in your property leading to expensive restoration such as condensation, dew points, evaporation, vapor pressure, and airflow. SERVPRO is a trained and qualified restoration service that can prevent these types of loss at residential properties.

What does water do to an indoor environment?

The goal of water mitigation in your Sevierville home is to negate water exposure's effects on structure and contents. Moisture absorbs into surfaces, especially porous ones, and could cause expensive damages. Some of these damages may be discolored or odorous. Others may present problems like structural weakening or sagging to build materials. Floor finishes like hardwoods can change shape leading to cupping and buckling. These types of harm can be avoided providing that you enlist an expert water technician to assess the property and mitigate losses. SERVPRO is a local provider with nationally recognized qualifications in water restoration.

How does evaporation affect an indoor structure?

  • Evaporating moisture can raise the relative humidity within the structure, providing ideal conditions for microbial growth.
  • As water combines with air, it can migrate throughout the home leading to condensation spots on surfaces, walls, or ceilings
  • Evaporating moisture can crack paintwork or create bubbles on surfaces that come into contact with the humidity.

What are condensation issues in a property?

Condensation refers to the process of water vapors, transforming into liquids. When water vapors cool, they convert back into a liquid. These can cause your home issues during a water intrusion event as moisture spots appear in wall cavities and require specific drying equipment to remove. Moisture spots can also lead to mold growth without careful attention. Our technicians can deploy heaters and dehumidifiers into your property to ensure that the surrounding air holds more moisture and that water vapor is replaced by dry air. Managing a water loss site requires the expert application and technical equipment placement of dehumidifiers to prevent condensation-related damages in your home.

What is the dew point, and how does it affect restoration?

  • The temperature that water vapors return to liquid is known as the dew point.
  • If water vapor reaches the dew point, it can condensate onto inner walls causing extensive damage.
  • Maintaining air temperature above the dew point allows for faster evaporation as hot air can retain more moisture than cold air.

How does the dew point affect electronic devices?

Our homes are full of electronic devices, from TVs to tablets and laptops. Once an electrical appliance has water exposure, it is essential to keep the machine off and remove all power sources- these can short-circuit, causing permanent harm. Instead, SERVPRO technicians seek to maintain indoor temperatures above the dew point and mitigate against condensation damage affecting your electrical devices. We can arrange for an electronics specialist to inspect and potentially repair wet electronic equipment in your home. Our subcontracting services are included within your restoration estimate, which means you only have to deal with one point of contact during mitigation services.

How does vapor pressure affect drying times in a wet property?

  • Water vapor from evaporating moisture can push against surfaces, creating pressure.
  • The more significant amounts of vapor in the air, the higher the level of pressure becomes
  • Efficient drying times are created by maintaining a low vapor pressure in the property by removing moist air and replacing it with dry air.

How do water restoration technicians control evaporation, dew points, and condensation in a wet property?

The most effective method of mitigation in your home is to dry it quickly. By drying a property, we can avoid costly events such as microbial growth, discoloration, cracking, warping, and buckling of materials. Evaporation of liquid water is enhanced by providing consistent airflow and high temperature in a property. SERVPRO technicians create these conditions using rapid air-movers and portable heaters or furnaces. To prevent condensation damage, we draw moisture from the air, maintained above the dew point, using dehumidification equipment. Properties with long periods of water exposure may suffer damage to semi-porous materials like floorboards. These can be dried using desiccant dehumidifiers to reduce air moisture below 40 grains per pound in cold temperatures and draw water from inside semi-porous materials.

Quick-drying times are essential to mitigating potential losses in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 now.

How Important is it to Replace Fittings after a Kitchen Fire?

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck pulling SERVPRO trailer behind fire damaged home When this homeowner called, we were there. From emergency board-up services to the final restoration.

SERVPRO Works to Restore Over Replace to Help Gatlinburg Residents Overcome Fire Damage in their Homes

Are burnt cabinets salvageable?

The kitchen in your Gatlinburg home is likely to suffer during a fire. Fittings like worktops, cabinets, and draws can all sustain extensive soot and smoke damages. Replacing these parts of the home is both time-consuming and expensive. Cleaning and restoration can often be a cost-efficient method of returning a home to its preloss condition. Many fires do not burn hot enough to harm finished woods or other types of furniture permanently. By applying the correct cleaning principles with professional action, SERVPRO is confident of removing many soot and residues, "Like it never even happened."

What are the cleaning principles for soot and smoke residues?

  • Find the affected area and trace how far smokes have spread from the source
  • Inspect the type of residue as well as the type of surface
  • Use dry and wet cleaning to capture soot residues and remove them from the affected area

What are effective methods for cleaning soots and smoke from kitchen fittings?

Washing and wiping surfaces with fire damage in your Gatlinburg home can be frustratingly ineffective. Soots bond with surfaces at high pressure and temperature, which can make them stubborn to remove. Getting rid of soots or smokes from kitchen fittings often relies on temperature, dwell time, chemical action, or agitation. Sometimes all of these are combined to help remove soots. SERVPRO technicians have a range of methods for dealing with smoke residues, and we can tailor our approach to your home's unique situation.

What is fire damage restoration?

  • Removing smoke residues from surfaces
  • Disposing of non-salvageable materials
  • Deodorizing any remaining smoke odors to return the property to its preloss condition 

Smoke and soot often require advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to dislodge from surfaces. Contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885.