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Fire Damage In Your Gatlinburg Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 for restoration options.

Textile Restoration and Odor Removal after Fire Damage in your Gatlinburg Home

Leaving a portable heater on overnight can catch onto dry fabrics or materials in the home and result in a small fire. While these types of fire are generally quick to contain and control, they do release a significant amount of hot ash, carbon, and smoke into the home. When you are surveying your home, you are likely to find blackening on walls and ceilings as well as a thick, unpleasant smoke odor. Unfortunately, removing the areas of soiling does not always remove a scent which can quickly absorb into textiles and fabrics typical to the home environment.

Not all fire damage in Gatlinburg requires structural restoration to your home. The most common issues facing homeowners are related to contents. Blankets, items of clothing, sofa covers, pillows, and curtains can often take on smoke odors. It is not always viable for a homeowner to perform full replacement of the numerous textiles in the home, which is where SERVPRO contents cleaning can help to pick up the slack.

Odor particles can be microscopic, which allows them to enter and bond with particles in porous contents. Once inside, these odors can be stubborn and unresponsive to vacuuming or regular washing. At SERVPRO, our contents cleaning specialists can assess different types of fabrics, cleaning chemicals, and deodorants for use on materials. We usually can group and catalog textiles, which can then be taken to a storage facility while they await restoration.

Fire insurance plans are often inclusive of contents cleaning, meaning that they do not add extra expense to your home restoration after a fire. SERVPRO cleaning appliances are designed for industrial and commercial cleaning, which can be more rigorous than your washing machine. When cleaning fabrics, our team uses a combination of cleaning mixtures and deodorants to successful remove the offending odor. Once the removal of smoke odors is complete, we can return them to you in a preloss condition.

Replacing all textiles in your home can carry high costs. Contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 for restoration options.

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Have You Heard? SERVPRO Offers Certified Technicians for Dealing With Water Damage in Gatlinburg

1/5/2020 (Permalink)

water seeping through under door Regardless of the extent of the water damage in your home, contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and remediation services.

Water Damage in Your Gatlinburg Home

Any time there is a water emergency in your home, big or small, it can be overwhelming. Knowing what to do first, and the steps to take are critical in keeping damage minimal. When a faucet leaks or pipe bursts, it is essential to take care of it right away so that there is no secondary damage such as mold infestations or warped flooring to deal with later. 

Our water mitigation professionals at SERVPRO are ready to tackle water damage in your Gatlinburg home. We understand that time is of the essence and respond quickly to your emergency. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Technicians take each unique situation into account. At times, water can even reach insulation either in the walls or in the ceiling between floors or in the attic. 

Some types of insulation, such as Kraft paper-faced insulation, act as a vapor barrier. This can be a deterrent for secondary damage keeping the water out of the structure and insulation itself. However, it can also trap water within the insulation and become very difficult to extract. Other types of insulation, such as unfaced insulation, are hygroscopic and quickly soak up water in a similar fashion to a sponge or beach towel. As they become saturated with water, they swell, and the fiber often becomes difficult to recover. 

When it comes to insulation and other materials, in general, the rule is that the more difficult it is for water to penetrate, the more difficult the drying process. In the case of insulation, the Kraft paper-faced type is more challenging to dry but less likely to sustain permanent damage. Despite being difficult to dry, the SERVPRO technicians use powerful extraction equipment to restore the moisture content to pre-damage levels. 

The professional SERVPRO team can identify specific materials within your home and determine a comprehensive plan to mitigate further damage and restore your home to preloss condition. We test for moisture throughout the process, safely extract the excess, and dry the structure using state of the art equipment, including dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers. 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties is available to assist with any water mishap 24/7. We make it, "Like it never even happened." Contact us at (865) 429-8885.

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Effective Strategies For Damage Remediation in Sevierville That You Can Use Today

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

fire and water damaged kitchen Many scenarios include damage of every type.  Fire, water and mold damage often go hand in hand.  Contact SERVPRO right away.

Why Sevierville Residences Benefit from Local, SERVPRO Restoration Services

We are a restoration service with a century of combined experience in loss recovery. Our company covers property damages relating to storm, mold, fire, and water damages with cross-training in various areas. This type of cross-training is not always prevalent in the industry and allows us a unique vantage point from which to help the Sevierville community. Over the years, SERVPRO taskforces have covered both commercial properties and private residences with the same enthusiasm, skill, and desire to help you overcome unforeseen emergencies. Our technicians are based right here in Sevierville and are familiar with the unique architecture and building materials of local residences.


Mold remediation is a complex task that can often elude even the most vicarious of Sevierville homeowners. While scrubbing away at large colonies can be a useful stop-gap solution, it is also one more inconvenience in your schedule. Mainly as non-professional removal can frequently result in the mold damage of your Sevierville home returning time after time. SERVPRO restoration services are local to the area and ready to provide the expertise you need to overcome microbial growth issues. 

One problem in fixing mold issues yourself is cross-contamination. Mold spores are microscopic and can quickly spread around your home on air currents, shoes, clothing, and tools. In this respect, a contained microbial growth issue in your bathroom can extend to your en-suite, kitchen, or hallways. Here at SERVPRO, our mold remediation technicians are acutely aware of how mold spreads and can put in place actions to prevent it. These actions may include physical guards like plastic sheeting or using vacuums during cleaning to prevent spores from escaping.

It is common for mold remediation services to request laboratory testing. We find that these processes can often be both time-consuming and expensive. Quick restoration services are most successful when infested materials are identified, removed, and replaced. SERVPRO can remove disposable materials while using advanced technologies like ultrasonic cleaning and Esporta washing machines to restore precious contents in your Sevierville home.


The impact of fire damage on your Sevierville home takes both an emotional and practical toll. SERVPRO restoration services are on-hand should you require minor, moderate, or significant loss recovery services. Our technicians are trained and qualified to restore carpets, structure as well as air quality and odor. We can arrive on-site promptly to remove charred materials or debris, which may be contributing factors to further losses. 

At SERVPRO, we operate with a restore over replace mentality. That means we do our utmost to ensure that salvageable possessions are not thrown away. Using specialized solvent cleaning agents, we can often remove even the most stubborn soot and smoke residues. Tables can be refinished, carpets restored, and drapery rods treated to immersion cleaning.

While we do our best to restore all items, some may be deemed non-salvageable. Non-salvageable items are an unfortunate reality of the harm caused by fire. These items can be digitally recorded during the restoration service giving you a detailed inventory to pass on to your insurer. To relieve inconvenience, SERVPRO includes a stress-free claims process for all residents here in Sevierville. These can include filing paperwork to your insurance adjuster on your behalf.


Adverse weather events can result in flash flooding, which rapidly enters your property, causing extensive storm damage in your Sevierville home. The impact of flash flooding is especially prominent in homes with floorboards or other types of non-sealed flooring. This impact occurs because large volumes of water can seep below your flooring and cause water-logging or mold issues to both your subfloor and subfloor pads.

SERVPRO technicians can provide restoration services that incorporate subfloor inspection and recovery. Sub-floor pads tend to break apart when coming into contact with water and need disposal and replacement. Fortunately, these subfloor mats are relatively inexpensive and should not have a severe effect on your overall claim. Your subfloor, on the other hand, can become cracked, rotten, or otherwise damaged if the correct drying procedure is not undertaken.

Correct drying procedure can vary depending on the type of material and the scope of the job at hand. SERVPRO restoration services can deploy desiccant humidifiers to reduce the humidity to below forty grains per pound (GPP.) At below 40GPP, the surrounding air is drier than the subfloor, drawing out moisture and reducing the likelihood of secondary mold issues or cracking. We can also use powerful water extraction units when there is evidence of heavy soaking of subfloor materials. By using a thorough drying method in all areas of your Sevierville home, we can increase the chances of restoration to a preloss condition.


The most common restoration service we provide at SERVPRO is for water issues. Frequently, water damage can exist in your Sevierville home alongside other forms of harm. Mold requires water to grow. Storms can incorporate flooding, and even fire can become a water issue because typical firefighting procedures involve hoses and hydrants. Unwanted moisture in the home can stagnate, set damages, or result in microbial growth issues if the issue is not attended to in time. 

Water restoration technicians (WRT) here at SERVPRO are available within four hours of notification of loss. We understand how quickly a minor issue can deteriorate, which is why our primary focus is mitigating losses. A useful mitigation method is to remove as much water as possible in as little time as possible. To achieve this, SERVPRO can bring truck-mounted extraction units as well as submersible gas pumps and air-movers to encourage evaporation. 

With the immediate harm causing elements taken care of, our technicians can set to work performing cleaning of the existing damages. These could include restoring carpets, cleaning walls, or even refinishing and repainting areas that show signs of discoloration. Usually, odors dissipate during the cleaning and drying process. When they do not, our odor control technicians (OCT) can use several deodorization methods to mask, neutralize, or remove malodors. 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties is on-hand to help you through a property disaster relating to mold, storm, fire, or water. You can contact us anytime at (865) 429-8885.

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Why You Should Choose and IICRC Certified Firm for your Property Damage Restoration

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Official Logo of an IICRC Certified Firm Only restoration companies that are officially certified by the IICRC may use the Certified Firm logo.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry. It also provides training and certification to restoration companies. The IICRC Standards have been developed by panels of experienced restoration industry professionals for all aspects of property damage restoration. These professionals have investigated, tested, and together have written the standards, and then sent them out to other known leaders in the industry for peer review. The Standards are the time-tested, proven effective, best methods for property damage restoration. The Standards are also reviewed and updated by the IICRC every five years.

At SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties, we have maintained our status as an IICRC Certified Firm for more than ten years. In addition to applying the standards to our property damage restoration work, there are other high-level requirements we must meet.


To qualify for this esteemed title, we must meet prerequisites and ongoing conditions. Among them is the requirement that at least one IICRC Certified Technician must be on staff and present at every job. However, we exceed this requirement by striving for all of our technicians to be IICRC Certified. When we hire new technicians, if they are not already certified we immediately begin the process of training, preparing, and scheduling them for their IICRC exams. We also see that they receive ongoing training to improve their skills and maintain their certifications continuously. 

Standards of Professional Conduct

In addition to the certifications, there are standards of professional conduct we must meet. We are required to present ourselves professionally, to be prompt, and use honesty and integrity in all dealings with customers. So, keeping you informed about what we are doing during the restoration process is very important to us. You should fully understand the work we are doing for you, and why we are doing it. The information about the cost of your job must also be truthful and accurate. We must strive to exceed your expectations and provide an exceptional level of service. We are required to maintain a written policy for handling any complaints you may have, and if a dispute with you should arise for any reason, we are required to resolve it and use 3rd party arbitration if necessary. We also maintain liability insurance at all times that protects you, our company, and our employees while on the job.

We are proud to proclaim the title of IICRC Certified firm, and we faithfully apply the standards to the performance of our duties day-in and day-out.

We Help You Get Back In Business In Gatlinburg

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spores growing on the wall in this property We have the expertise and equipment to dispose of the non-salvageable materials in your property after mold has been discovered.

Containment for Mold Remediation in Gatlinburg Office Cafeteria

Providing incentives for your workplace has always been a strong foundation for employee loyalty and retention in your Gatlinburg office. With a growing facility, a cafeteria area was a way to both add a little more profit to the business and provide the employees with a convenient location for lunches on-site. With round-the-clock service for various shifts, there is little time to ensure that functions such as ventilation are as adequate as they should be.

Improper ventilation in food preparation areas can lead to persistent dampness and humidity that can feed spores and promote mold damage in Gatlinburg offices. With how quickly this situation can spread throughout this immediate area and adjacent portions of the building, susceptible materials like drywall, wood, and ceiling tiles can all become hosts to a rapidly migrating colony. Addressing these concerns must happen quickly, as these colonies can cause health effects to those exposed, and the presence of this organism can temporarily shut down your on-site cafeteria.

Containment is vital for slowing this migration of the organism. Our SERVPRO professionals arrive with the appropriate tools to seal off openings and establish a controlled environment with thick 6mil plastic sheeting and proper ventilation techniques. According to the levels of contamination established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), the moderate microbial threat in the cafeteria of your building requires local containment practices, including constructing frames with PVC pipe for doorways to get a tight and impenetrable seal to prevent mold spore migration. We also seal over HVAC vents, windows, and seams after mold damage.

This established work area gets the full measure of our remediation work, including both controlled demolition and abrasive cleaning techniques like soda blasting. Negative airflow systems can prevent contaminants and other threats from flowing into clean areas during and after these processes.

While you might have a period where remediation work must continue in the cafeteria, containment efforts can help this mold damage scenario from SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson, & Cocke Counties remediation specialists help you however you need by calling (865) 429-8885.

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Our Experts Discuss The Hazards Of Flood Damage In Your Gatlinburg Home

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by a storm Call us at (865) 429-8885 for fastest service.

Hazards from Flood Damage Sweeping through Your Gatlinburg Neighborhood Needs Efficient Cleaning

Mucking through your Gatlinburg residence after a flood can be a dangerous and disappointing activity. A mixture of silt, mud, debris, and broken pieces of glass can cause injury. Unseen contamination also exists. SERVPRO's specialists understand these dangers and the best ways to eliminate them, protecting your family and your property from continued risk and damage.

The uneven landscape that makes our area so beautiful also puts residences in Gatlinburg at high risk for flood damage. The torrential speeds that carry water from higher elevations to lower sections of our city cause that water to dig deeply into looser soils, loading it with a variety of substances, then pushing it into the homes within its path. Once inside, the water can force its way underneath cabinetry, inside furniture, and into walls, closets, and stairwells.

Because we're a locally owned and operated business, our diverse team of specialists can respond almost immediately to any calls regarding flood damage. When we hear about flooding in the area, we begin preparing those last-minute preparations, saving time, and making us even faster. One thing we never forget to bring is our personal protective equipment or PPE.

Before we start doing anything, we use a strong but people-friendly disinfectant to make exposed surfaces safer for us to handle during our work. We use this again later after we finish cleaning everything up for you, to ensure that your family's risk of related health effects dips to normal.

For removing soils dumped into your home, we need buckets, shovels, and gloves, and boots for each team member. After we remove the majority of these deposits, we bag up any solid debris remaining. We use double bags for this, so we bring a large roll of them with us.

Floors can remain covered in silt that we need squeegees and a hose to rinse off with clean water. Part of the debris we removed earlier might contain pieces of flooring that disintegrated as part of the house's flood damage. What we leave behind, however, is clean enough for our building services team to start taking measurements for new flooring.

Wiping down surfaces, including walls, lower portions of furniture, stairwells, and other places, let us see where water might remain trapped. We use our InjectiDry system for these, to extract water through the adaptor. The purpose of this system is to force warmed air into such places and speed up evaporation and subsequent drying. Other machines include our powerful desiccant machines and dehumidifiers.

Because flood damage increases the number of microbes inside your home, we also use air scrubbers. Often, these makeup part of a negative air chamber, where we can work on a specific section of your home. It can also work to make it possible to dry out anything inside more efficiently.

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties can partner with you to restore your Pigeon Forge or Jefferson City home after food damage displaces your family. Call us at (865) 429-8885 for fastest service.

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We Provide Fire Restoration Cleaning for Your Home In Gatlinburg

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

house interior burned after a fire Knowing what to expect from our professional fire restoration team can help the entire process to happen quickly and seamlessly.

Fire Restoration Cleaning for Your Gatlinburg Home

The task of restorative cleaning after a fire loss occurs in your Gatlinburg home can be a unique challenge that many property owners cannot face alone. Our SERVPRO cleaning technicians have extensive training through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in many facets of fire recovery, giving us a thorough education of restorative practices, cleaning techniques, and what to expect in even severe fire loss scenarios.

After fire damage to Gatlinburg homes, many look to our experienced team of recovery specialists to begin the process of returning the residence to preloss condition. Establishing what the property needs to reach this point is one of the critical scoping practices necessary by our project management, crew chief, and the homeowner. Documentation of the current conditions of structural elements, contents, and the structure itself dictates the necessary steps to reach this goal.

An unfortunate part of cleaning up after a fire is determining the areas and contents of your house too severely damaged to restore with our advanced techniques. Because fire and smoke damage exist into rooms and spaces far beyond the initial ignition point, it is feasible that there are many structural points and contents close to the origin of the fire that is too severely charred, blistered, or burned to return to preloss condition. Those that can, however, allow our SERVPRO team to get to work quickly with agitation cleaning techniques relative to the surface damage, leading up to abrasive cleaning tactics like soda blasting.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that fire recovery means an overall renovation and revitalization of the property when, in truth, pre-existing conditions and problems within your house do not get addressed in fire loss restoration unless they hinder the process. We can make fire losses “Like it never even happened,” but that leaves these pre-existing damages recognized and documented, but unaddressed.

Knowing what to expect from our professional fire restoration team can help the entire process to happen quickly and seamlessly. With our experience and advanced equipment, our SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties can help when disasters strike. Give us a call today at (865) 429-8885.

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Avoid Delays When Dealing With Gatlinburg Water Removal Situations

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

gypsum board on a ceiling is damaged and hanging down Water damage behind walls can only stay unseen for so long. If your home is showing evidence, call SERVPRO.

What You Should Know About Water Removal In Gatlinburg

Whenever there is any water emergency in your home, knowing what to do can be a bit of a challenge. Damage from water can be detrimental to the household, so knowing the steps for proper water removal and when to call the professionals in Gatlinburg is critical.

We have trained staff at SERVPRO ready to help reduce the impact of water damage in your home from a leak or faulty appliance. Water mitigation should start as soon as possible once the loss takes place. Professionals in the field of water removal in Gatlinburg can get to work quickly so that your home is back to normal in a timely fashion.


Water can make its way under your flooring and into the walls, seeping into the wood, drywall, and other areas where mold can develop. SERVPRO technicians use a variety of tools and techniques to help assess the situation and identify where the moisture is located throughout your home. We can come in with ADVANCED detectors and moisture meters, then take photographs of any of the areas that have been hit by water. This is a helpful step in the record-keeping process when working with your insurance company.


Once a full assessment is done, we employ the use of specialized equipment to pull the water and moisture out of your home. Air movers can dry your flooring or walls very quickly, while high-power dehumidifiers can help to bring down the moisture levels throughout the home. 


After we go through the steps of water mitigation, we can then get to work on the restoration phase. Our technicians can help to replace, repair, and restore any of the drywall, carpeting, and other elements that have been damaged by water during the emergency. 

When you need help with water removal, simply give our team a call at SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885. We will gladly send a team out for an assessment to help you get started with the water mitigation process.
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Sevierville Retail Establishments Benefit from Fast Water Extraction by SERVPRO

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Black and White Come in We Are Open Sign Don't Let Water Damage Close Your Restaurant in Sevierville--Call SERVPRO--Keep the Doors Open

Why Professional Help is Essential During Commercial Water Removal from Your Sevierville Restaurant

Various incidents affecting supply pipes or appliances can leave water pooling in your Sevierville restaurant, paralyzing operations. The steps you take immediately after noticing the problem determine how long it takes to restore normal business operations. It can also determine the total losses incurred because more extended recovery periods lead to secondary damages. One way to manage commercial water removal better is to hire a professional team of restorers.

You may consider all water loss incidents as the same, but professionals consider each event as unique and therefore perform each process of commercial water removal from affected Summerville restaurants differently. Immediately when you inform us about the water loss, our SERVPRO support team asks for vital information to help plan a response plan. Such information might include:

o    Time passed since the spill started

o    The source of the water loss

o    Whether you are insured

o    Whether there is electricity at the loss site

Having the right information helps in many ways, including eliminating delays and determining the resources necessary to handle the task.  For example, in case of a burst main pipe, we might advise you to call a plumber to fix it before we start the water removal or to locate and shut off the main water supply line.  Knowing whether power is turned off ensures we make arrangements, such as bringing generators to the loss site to power our extraction equipment.

Water removal procedures differ depending on the materials and contents present at the loss site. Although most restaurant surfaces are made from hard non-porous materials, some areas such as the office or exclusive sections might have porous floor materials such as carpets or wood. Our SERVPRO crews are fully prepared to handle extraction from different materials. We have accessories such as squeegees, and carpet wands for the different surfaces. We also have the necessary cleaning equipment to ensure we sanitize all areas affected by the water spill. Often, health codes require an inspection before reopening in cases of significant water loss events. We can help and comply with these requirements.

Restoring a restaurant after water loss takes more than water extraction. Call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 to help fix all problems caused by the incident, “Like it never even happened.”

We Arrive Right Away To Prevent Further Flood Damage In Gatlinburg

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

A shelve with our equipment on it in our warehouse We are ready for whatever happens! Whether it is residential or commercial, we have state of the art equipment ready 24/7.

First Actions After Flood Damage Make the Difference in the Amount of Loss in Gatlinburg Homes

The sheer panic that a Tennessee homeowner feels when flood damage occurs may make the situation feel initially overwhelming. Actions taken in the first 24 hours after floodwater enters a property make the difference in the amount of loss.

As soon as possible, after flood damage occurs, Gatlinburg homeowners should contact SERVPRO for cleanup. People and pets should not come into contact with groundwater, as it may contain toxins or sewage.

What Can Homeowners Do Before Help Arrives?

If it is safe to do so, putting down towels to blot up the water helps. Do not handle the saturated things until SERVPRO technicians arrive and test the water. Remove valuables and heirlooms if they are in the area of the flooding if you can do it safely. If you cannot, the technicians can do it for you upon arrival.

If it appears the water may come into contact with electrical outlets, turn off the electricity to the home. Alert the lead technician if this is necessary so they can bring their generators to the job site.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Floodwater?

It depends on the amount and location in the home. For crawlspaces, basements, and severe flooding in a home, the technicians may choose to use trash pumps or submersible pumps to remove the water without delay.

What About the Water Odors?

Floodwater brings in a myriad of odors, and thorough removal of debris, flood damaged building materials, and drying the property goes far to lessen the smell. Thorough hand cleaning of surfaces with their professional solutions kills odor-causing bacteria. Sometimes there are residual water odors that require a multi-layered approach of various applications of odor control techniques such as hydroxyl generators or ultra-low-volume fogging.

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 when you need fast action against flood damage in your home. The technicians have a vast array of equipment and the training to make the water loss in the house, "Like it never even happened."

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