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My Business Has Suffered a Water Leak, Who Should I Call to Clean It Up?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

library interior with SERVPRO sign SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage from Libraries to Factories in the Greater Sevierville Area

Although There Are Several Water Removal Services in Sevierville, only a Few, Like SERVPRO, Can Successfully Handle Large Commercial Water Damaging Projects Quickly

At times, Sevierville can be deceiving to outsiders. Our city, nestled in the verdant hills just outside of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, sometimes hides its true nature from those venturing into the area for the first time.  Although small and hidden in the hills, it is truly a bustling tourist destination during its active summer and fall seasons. Throughout the area, the tourist industry thrives. There are theme parks, numerous museums, a myriad of outdoor activity venues, and various other tourist attractions. Of course, there are also a host of hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and other businesses that service these visitors. Sometimes, when unexpected water-related issues arise, these are the businesses that need help recovering.

What Can Cause Standing Water in My Business?

SERVPRO, a Sevierville water removal service, has successfully dealt with the various causes of standing water in local businesses. These causes have ranged from the almost undetectable to those that are obvious and almost immediately catastrophic.  Drawing from our extensive experience, we find that most water problems requiring professional extraction service result from one or more of the following causes:

  • Clogged gutters that cause slow-developing water leaks behind the walls of your building
  • Minor to major roof leaks that can either go undetected, causing great damage over the long-term, or cause substantial sudden, and readily apparent problems
  • Corroded water containers that allow water to seep out over time
  • Malfunctioning appliances or fabricating equipment that slowly leak or dump large amounts of water all at once
  • Accidentally activated sprinkler/fire extinguishing systems
  • Drippy or ruptured water pipes

Regardless of which of these issues are behind your standing water, it is important to resolve it as soon as you can to limit your losses and preserve your business.

Since the Cause of My Water-Related Issue is Not So Obvious, How Can SERVPRO Effectively Locate It?

SERVPRO technicians are armed with their finely-honed skills and cutting edge detection tools that are capable of precisely locating even the most minor hidden moisture sources. These skills and equipment enable them to confidently find and stop the flow of water from where it originates.  The following is a brief list of what we use to locate the source of your water problem:

  • Our advanced Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and experience in identifying even the most subtle telltale signs of water damage
  • High-tech moisture sensors that can tell us which surfaces and content items have higher than normal moisture levels
  • Precision moisture meters to indicate how much materials around your workplace have been impacted by your water issue
  • Infrared cameras, which can see through baseboards, walls, and ceilings, to locate where hidden leaks are
  • Borescopes which can peer into hidden cracks and crevices and wall voids

Using all of these resources, SERVPRO can often successfully find the source of your problem quickly. This enables us to stop your leak and begin our remediation work sooner, limiting overall damage and saving you time and money in the long run.

What Kind of Equipment Does SERVPRO Use to Remove Standing Water and Excess Moisture from My Commercial Site?

When performing their water removal and remediation work, our experts have several key pieces of equipment at their disposal. Much of this gear is designed for the unique requirements of water damaged businesses and their need to return to operations as soon as possible. Some of the water extraction and drying tools we use are:

  • Powerful truck-mounted and portable extractors that can, even if the power has failed at your location, swiftly remove any amount of standing water from your shop, store, restaurant, office building, or hotel
  • High-velocity fans and air movers to rapidly replace moist interior air with drier exterior air
  • Strong low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers that quickly condense large amounts of moisture from the air, to levels under forty grains per pound
  • Industrial strength desiccant dehumidifiers, which use moisture-attracting substances like silica gel to dry interior air
  • Injecti-dry systems that can connect to networks of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the air in hard-to-reach places behind ceilings, walls, and baseboards

As you can see, whatever water-related situation you face, we likely have the right equipment to resolve it promptly. Moreover, our technicians are specifically trained to use them effectively during all stages of the water removal and drying process.

With all that said, do not let a water leak decimate your business and cost you dearly.  Remember that there are neighborhood services that can help you recover and return to operations quickly.  If you need water extracted from your business or other remediation work done, call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 for assistance.

Why is Fast Action So Important in Mold Remediation?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage on ceiling and walls Mold grows easily in Tennessee. Should you see signs of mold in your home, call SERVPRO.

Gatlinburg Homeowners Need Mold Remediation in A Hurry

People living in Gatlinburg know that some things you should not leave “until later.” For example, if you have a broken pane of glass in your home or notice an appliance has a severely frayed wire, it is better to deal with it immediately.

If you need mold remediation in Gatlinburg, you should not wait. Every day counts when it comes to stemming mold growth.

Why is it essential to act fast if I spot mold?

If you do not take swift action, mold can easily:

  • Spread further throughout the affected area
  • Cause damage to drywall, wood, and fabric
  • Grow on furniture, cushions, and upholstery
  • Damage valuable papers and documents
  • Release spores which circulate to other parts of your home and start new colonies

Mold spores move fast and can quickly become airborne, spreading throughout your home.

When is SERVPRO available?

We are constantly available, 24/7. Being on-call round the clock means we are Faster To Any Size Disaster - including fungal growth. When you need mold remediation in a hurry, you can rely on us to come to your aid.

We put all our technicians through a thorough fifteen-day training program, and our teams adhere to the latest industry guidelines for remediation. You can be sure our team has the know-how to deal with mold swiftly and effectively.

How does SERVPRO prevent mold spreading?

One of the key reasons for taking fast action is to prevent the mold from spreading. Our technicians do this by:

  • Using plastic sheeting and tape to set up containment around the affected area
  • Adding a decontamination area for our team if needed
  • Employing air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to pull mold from the air
  • Using negative air machines to catch mold spores and vent them outside your property
  • Drying the affected room and monitoring drying progress 

Mold loves moisture, so reducing moisture is essential to mold-fighting efforts.

Mold is naturally occurring, and it is impossible to eliminate it completely. However, by acting fast and taking steps to prevent a recurrence, we can reduce the risk of mold regrowth in your home.

For swift mold remediation, call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson, & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885.

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How Hard Is It to Restore My Gatlinburg Home After a Flood?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room with items floating at the surface Flood damage in your home can leave lasting effects that you may not even realize. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services right away.

To Professionally Restore Your Gatlinburg Home After a Flood, Contact SERVPRO

Does Storm Flooding Restoration Take More Time Than Other Kinds of Flooding?

Gatlinburg flood damage restoration after a storm has additional steps due to the outside water. Primarily, SERVPRO restoration team specialists deal with the contaminants (soil, pesticides, garbage, etc.) that are not present when the water spills from a cracked inlet pipe or a failed water heater.

Where Do Your Specialists Begin?

Demolition and Removal - The outside water deposits too many contaminants on carpets for us to guarantee they are safe to use after cleaning. After removing the floodwater, team members pull up and dispose of the carpeting and padding underneath. In addition to carpets, the contaminants can also quickly stain or otherwise ruin floor trim, and drywall panels. The list for immediate disposal can also include ceiling tiles if the storm flooding entered through a storm-damaged roof or wall.

Cleaning The Floors – If left standing long enough, contaminants can cause further damage to wood floors and linoleum. Specialists use cleaning agents designed to clean each type of flooring without splitting floorboards or causing the vinyl to lift and separate from the glue holding it in place, allowing air or water bubbles to form in the gaps.

What Else Does the Response Team Do for My Home?

SERVPRO team members also examine each residence for any lingering odors left by the contaminated floodwater. While removing the damaged items reduces the number of odors, it does not eliminate them. Specialists use industrial-strength cleaners and anti-bacterial agents to break down the particles which cause odors. If the particles penetrate deeply into the wood, they can use a fogger device to create a cloud of deodorizing and cleaning particles that bind with and eliminate odor particles.

To schedule a service call with our restoration specialists, contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties today at (865) 429-8885. We are here to return your home to a clean, livable condition as swiftly as possible. 

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How Can Soot Get Removed from My Pigeon Forge Home?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Black home with boarded up windows After fire damage SERVPRO can help make it "Like it never even happened."

Depending on its location and the materials affected, soot can be a considerable threat to your property if not addressed quickly and deliberately. 

Fire restoration and recovery can be an overwhelming process for Pigeon Forge homeowners. Seeing your property in such disarray after a structure fire can leave you questioning whether the house will ever look the same again. As a trusted restoration company for many insurance providers serving our area, we understand all of the obstacles we could face with your home's restoration and recovery. We work alongside your insurance adjuster to meet their expectations, needs, and limitations. In many ways, beginning as soon as our team first arrives, we are working to make fire losses, "Like it never even happened."

Among the most threatening conditions that exist after fire damage in Pigeon Forge homes are smoke residues and soot. These residues and circulating particles can be hazardous to the health of those exposed and provide a threat to the surfaces where these particulates come to rest. Addressing these concerns requires multiple strategies, equipment, and even qualified personnel.

How Does Soot Develop? 

Despite the destruction you might see looking around your house after a fire gets extinguished, much of what you view is incomplete combustion. Half-burned materials and contents can often be a catalyst for soot production and smoke residues adhering to the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces throughout the house. Soot can be among the most dangerous and threatening presences in your home after a fire, specifically because of its effect on those exposed without the appropriate personal protective equipment. Our technicians responding to fire loss incidents arrive with respirators, coveralls, and other protective gear to ensure that we are not directly exposed to hazardous conditions until the property's appropriate evaluation has taken place. With soot concerns, the primary threatening aspects of this health hazard include:

  • Microscopic size
  • Carcinogenic
  • Acidic

How Can You Remove Smoke Residues from Wall and Ceiling Surfaces? 

Our responding technicians' primary focus is to address smoke residues adhered to services throughout your property. The faster that we can remove these safely, the less threat of our technicians or the occupants of the house becoming exposed to threatening conditions. Also, our focus on eliminating soot buildup on the services of specific materials and wall systems can protect these materials from the particles' acidic nature. There are many factors involved in choosing the right approach for removing smoke residues, including the type of residue present, the thickness of the coating, the material underneath the residue, and other factors. Specific abrasive cleaning techniques could damage underlying materials if these considerations do not happen before cleaning begins. Among the popular choices for residue removal, we often consider:

  • Media Blasting – The premise of blasting involves using media like baking soda and pressurized water or air to dislodge and remove smoke residues from exposed materials' surfaces. This approach can impact the coating of soot exclusively without damaging the underlying substrate.
  • Dry Ice Blasting - Pressurized dry ice pellets (CO2) are placed in a hopper and then directed at slightly charred roof members to scrape off a thin layer of carbonized wood. This means that supporting structures, especially for the roof, do not require demolition.
  • Surface Cleaning – Oily residues like you might find after proteins have burned, can be equally challenging to remove from specific surfaces. Emulsification is the best approach in these situations, and this occurs by introducing water-based solvents to the surfaces along with abrasive cleaning techniques.
  • Controlled Demolition – In more extreme cases where so the damage has already impacted the material to the point of degradation or staining, the suitable approach is to remove the affected portions of the construction material. Addressing the situation quickly can reduce a greater need for tear-out and reconstruction overall.

Can Soot Get Removed from Contents? 

Protecting your personal belongings is also a focal point of our fast response to fire emergencies. Soot can be just as considerable of a threat to these possessions as it is to services throughout the home. In many situations, it is cost-effective and more efficient to relocate these damaged belongings to our SERVPRO facility for focused cleaning and restoration. We have several specific techniques designed exclusively to address smoke residues within varying materials. Some of these approaches include:

Removing smoke residues requires specific equipment, products, and experienced personnel to achieve. You can count on the fast response and industry-leading equipment of our SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties team when fire emergencies occur. Give us a call whenever you need us at (865) 429-8885.

The Roof In my Store is Leaking Due to a Storm; What do I do?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Large Hole in the roof causing ceiling collapse If roof damage allows water into your business, call SERVPRO for restoration.

Take Quick Action and Call a Professional Team When You have Flood Damage in Your Sevierville Store

Storms can have a detrimental effect on your Sevierville business, and most of it is unavoidable. Whether there is a power outage that threatens your inventory or a leaky window, water in your store disrupts your day-to-day operations. In extreme cases, the roof or a door can break down enough for water to flood your space. When flooding occurs, you need a professional team to inspect the damage and develop a suitable action plan.

Our team is ready to handle flood damage in your Sevierville business. At SERVPRO, we pride ourselves on our ability to arrive promptly and provide a thorough assessment of the situation, so you have the information you need to make business decisions. Our expertise is verified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the certifying agency in our industry. Rather than assembling a team of contractors to address your needs, let our crew take the helm and lend our expertise to your restoration process.

How does a professional team clean my business after a flood?

Many people wonder what exactly is the difference between hiring a professional restoration team and taking action yourself. Besides our formal training in all water restoration matters, we also have within our reach the latest techniques and equipment in the industry. Handling each project with the correct tools makes for more efficient use of time and money, mitigating your loss. As our SERVPRO team addresses problem areas in your store, we may use some of the following to achieve restoration-

  • Water extractors of various capacities to remove significant volumes of water as well as water hiding in hard-to-reach places
  • Foggers to spray antimicrobial solutions through your store, allowing them to settle on all surfaces and prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Dehumidifiers of varying sizes to improve the speed of absorption for moisture in the air

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties understands your needs as a business suffering from flood damage. Call us at (865) 429-8885 and let us be your ally in a time of crisis. Like you, we want your store to feel, "Like it never even happened." 

How Can I Remove the Soot After My House Fire?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after a fire.

Fire Damage and Soot are No Match for SERVPRO – Let Us Restore Your Gatlinburg Home!

Any sudden blaze will leave your Gatlinburg property with copious amounts of debris and plenty of stubborn soot residue. When you call SERVPRO to help, we ensure that your interior gets restored to preloss condition, free of any fire reminders. Our objective is to make it “Like it never even happened,” with each project we are called out to. We deploy our Green Fleet to get to work, providing our state-of-the-art methods and professional equipment.

Will All the Odors and Soot Go Away?

Soot and smoke particles are often stubborn, making them a priority for each call we have to help with fire damage in Gatlinburg. Because the soot is acidic by nature, it can lead to corrosion of certain materials, such as metals. Our skilled technicians address harsh soot residue in several ways, including:

  • Wet or dry methods help to loosen smoke and soot particles from a variety of surface areas.
  • Thermal foggers work to heat up deodorizing agents to form a chemical cloud, which then penetrates the materials and helps pull out odorous particles.
  • When there is a substantial amount of smoke residue present on surfaces, we can seal the walls using a special primer. This gets followed up with the final paint color for a flawless finish.

What About the Air in My Home?

Indoor air quality is always essential with a fire restoration job, which is why we employ various filtration tools to pull out particulates from the air within your home. This helps eliminate lingering smoke odors while ensuring that your interior air is safe for inhabitants.

  • Air Scrubbers – these powerful tools inhibit microorganism colonization while reducing air particulates.
  • Hydroxyl Generators – this equipment deodorizes your interior while filtering and purifying the air with HEPA filtration.

When you need help reversing the impact of fire damage, call our team at SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties. We are available for emergency restoration services 24/7 at (865) 429-8885.

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Who Can Remove Floodwaters From My Home?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

Homes in flood water Flooding is no match for SERVPRO. We are equipped and ready at a moment's notice to restore your home.

SERVPRO Is Ready 24/7 To Help You Dry Your Home.

Dirty floodwater requires a swift response to avoid further damages. If your Gatlinburg home has flooded, you need trained experts who can quickly remove water and dry out your home. 

How Does SERVPRO Remove floodwater?

Once our team of technicians arrive at your home, we can deploy our three tools for removing water:

Truck-mounted extractors: When a large quantity of water is present in your home, we can use truck-mounted extractors to vacuum water from your floors.

Portable Extractors: Our technicians use these extractors to reach restricted areas in your house that the truck-mounted extractors cannot reach. 

Pumps: When there are more than two inches of flooding in your home, submersible pumps can be used to extract the water. 

What If Water Gets Inside My Walls?

SERVPRO technicians can inspect your walls with thermal cameras and moisture meters to check for floodwater. If water is found, we can begin ventilating your walls by drilling holes and forcing dry air inside with specialty drying equipment. 

Will My House Smell Because of Flooding?

Flood water consists of unclean Category 3 black water. Blackwater is unsanitary and can leave an unpleasant smell. While the worst odors will be removed with the floodwaters, residual odors can remain even after drying. We use several methods to neutralize these odors:

Injecting deodorant into affected spots 

Directly spraying disinfectants onto affected surfaces

Wet Fogging your house with deodorizers 

Using air scrubbers to capture odors and chemicals from the air. 

While deodorizing, we can apply disinfectants to help mitigate dangers from bacteria and viruses. Rest assured, we will do our best to make sure your home is sanitary.

If you are the victim of flooding, then call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885, and we will get you on your way to feeling "Like it never even happened."

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What Is the Importance of Mitigation When Responding to a Water Loss Scenario in Gatlinburg?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

Male SERVPRO team member standing in front of SERVPRO restoration equipment Our friendly team is always available to tackle your water damage emergencies.

SERVPRO Focuses Efforts on Halting the Harm Moisture Can Do, with Appropriate Water Mitigation Preventing Long Term Gatlinburg Structural and Contents Damage

When unexpected water invades your Gatlinburg home's interior, you have only a short time to intercede before permanent damage to your home's structural components and contents begins. Because water performs so many useful functions in our residences, it is surprising just how corrosive water can be to commonly used construction materials and furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions. The critical need during the first minutes to hours of water damage is mitigation. Simply put, the destructive action of water must be stopped.  

What Happens to Materials While Water Damage Goes Unmitigated? 

A predictable timeline of damage is anticipated until efficient and effective water mitigations occur in Gatlinburg. The age and condition of structural materials inside your home can cause the speed with which the damage happens to vary. Here is a general outline of expectations: 

  • Water from the leak or spill flows across surfaces, soaking all in its path
  • Porous and highly permeable materials absorb the water first, including drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, carpeting and padding, and upholstered
  • Stains and paints on furniture frames can bleed onto the carpet and bare floors
  • Floors -- all types become saturated, but popular engineered or laminate flooring deteriorates (delaminates) fast
  • Papers, clothes, books, rugs, window coverings 

How Fast Does the Damage Take Hold? 

During the first minutes through the first day: 

  • Drywall begins to swell and crumble from the water damage
  • Metal surfaces and fasteners or trim begin to tarnish and corrode (rust)
  • Wooden furniture begins to swell and finishes crack
  • Dyes and inks from textiles and papers liquify, threatening to spread and stain other contents and building materials 
  • Odors, often musty and unpleasant, are detectable 

Progressive damage from 48 Hours to One Week: 

  • Paint begins to blister or peel on walls, and wallpaper separates
  • Wood flooring swells and warps, including subfloors even under seemingly impervious materials like ceramic tile
  • Wooden framing supports including doors, windows, floor joists, and studs swell and distort
  • The corroded metal loses strength and ability to function as intended
  • Mold and mildew begin to grow, multiplying and spreading on visible surfaces and in building cavities
  • Furniture warps and can show signs of mold
  • As the standing and absorbed water remains unmitigated, substantial biohazard contamination is possible 

Accelerated Damage after One Week: 

The longer it takes to remove water and dry out the space, the more severe the damage becomes. Failure to complete water mitigation promptly causes remediation and restoration costs, and the time taken to intervene will spiral dramatically. Structural safety, expansive mold colony growth, and the intensity of biohazard contaminants pose increasingly severe risks to occupants and the stability and integrity of your home. 

What Are Common Water Mitigation Actions? 

SERVPRO crews attend to water mitigation in Gatlinburg immediately after safety hazards are identified and controlled. Water damage mitigation encompasses a wide range of efforts that prevent excess water from continuing to soak into and damage building materials and contents: 


If we pack up and move the wet contents inside your home to either a secure and dry area elsewhere on your property or our production facility, we halt water damage in two primary ways: 

  • We remove the goods from the source of water, permitting an assessment by skilled contents technicians to complete a restorative arc, returning the items to functionality and appearance. 
  • We reduce the humidity load inside your home and prevent the absorbed water from wicking into building materials.  

Water Extraction 

Pumps and powerful water extraction equipment (both truck-mounted and portable) move hundreds to thousands of gallons of water out of your home. Aggressive water extraction is much more useful than structural drying alone. Water removal reduces the time taken to reduce the high moisture contents of materials significantly. The fast-drying helps control any potential mold outbreak. In preparation for drying, we also test for any hidden water trapped in building cavities or recesses. Controlled demolition strategies such as flood cuts help release fluids and open wet areas to the effects of drying equipment. 

Applied Structural Drying 

Once as much liquid water as possible evacuates your home, our team determines drying goals. Using moisture measurements taken during testing and comparing them to levels obtained in your home's unaffected space inform our technicians to arrive at the most appropriate objectives. We reduce the moisture content in your home's targeted rooms by balancing air movement, temperature, and humidity through air movers and dehumidifiers. 

Swift and sure water mitigation techniques, as performed by SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties, stops the progression of severe damage otherwise likely after a leak, appliance malfunction, or other water loss. A call to (865) 429-8885 sets up a substantive response at a challenging time. 

How Can I Repair My Vinyl Floors After I Have an Appliance Leak?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

flood in kitchen Do you know how to restore your appliances after water damage? Call SERVPRO of Pigeon Forge to mitigate your problems.

For Water Mitigation After You Have an Appliance in Your Pigeon Forge Home Leak--Call SERVPRO

Most houses in Pigeon Forge have several appliances that have plumbing running to them, including your dishwasher, washing machine, and your refrigerator's ice maker. If one of these appliances malfunctions, then moisture can follow gravity and collect on your vinyl flooring.

How can you tell if my vinyl flooring got wet or is ruined?

During water mitigation projects in Pigeon Forge, our SERVPRO technicians often have to deal with wet vinyl floors because many kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms contain this type of flooring. Vinyl Floors can come in rolls, planks, or tiles, and they either get glued down or snapped together during installation.

  1.     Inspection Process- To inspect the presence of moisture underneath vinyl flooring, we can use a non-penetrating moisture meter. Since some vinyl materials and the glues that hold them down can contain asbestos, we always get the adhesive and the flooring tested before we attempt to lift it or remove it.
  2.     Can the Floors Be Restored?- Moisture usually does not damage vinyl floors if it stays on top of the flooring. As a first step, our SERVPRO team can extract, squeegee, or mop up any standing water sitting on top of your flooring. However, if the water made its way underneath the flooring, it could loosen the adhesives holding the vinyl to the subfloor.
  3.     Concrete Subfloors- When your vinyl flooring is glued down to a concrete subfloor (like it is in many laundry rooms), the tiles could start to become loose if a significant amount of water saturates the floor. If moisture flows up through the concrete, then it could push the vinyl tiles off of it.
  4.     Plywood Subfloors- When vinyl floors are attached to wooden subfloors (like in many bathrooms and kitchens) the flooring can get damaged due to the subfloor warping or deteriorating.

If one of the appliances in your house ever breaks and leaks water onto your floors, call SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885 24 hours a day.

Can a Business in Sevierville Recover after a Flood?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property Control losses at your business premises after flooding, contact SERVPRO.

When Commercial Flood Damage Affects your Business, Contact Sevierville's Restorer of choice, SERVPRO.

What are the crucial steps for businesses with flooding?

Taking action is vital to recovering large amounts of your Sevierville business after flooding. Where possible, shut off power to the property and evacuate- this can help to prevent further harm from electrical fires. Most flood insurance policies are separate from business insurance, so you should contact your flood insurer before contacting a professional restorer to mitigate the effects of flooding. In 2019, floods were the cause of $6.2 billion worth of damages. One of the crucial factors in controlling flood losses is early diagnosis and mitigation, which can stem the tide of water against your business premises and contents.

What is the role of commercial flood restorers?

We perform commercial flood damage recovery for businesses all over Sevierville. When flooding occurs, first responders like paramedics, fire marshals and police are the first on the scene. After damages have occurred, remodelers, architects, and general constructors set to work rebuilding residence and businesses. Our role as a restorer is in-between a first-responder and a general contractor. We can enter your property to perform scoping of safety hazards, board up broken doors or windows to prevent looting, and mitigate the damages of flooding. Our mitigation work may include sealing the property to stop further rainfall or floodwater intrusion, draining, drying, and preparing the property for general contractors.

What can flood mitigation do for my business?

The initial impact of flooding is usually the hardest felt. However, damages do not stop at the point of water intrusion. Once water enters a property, it begins to degrade both the structure and the contents. If you run a mechanics, there may be a severe amount of harm caused by rusting of tools or parts in your garage. Equally, a showroom may require temporary storage to avoid floodwaters from causing irreversible damage to stock. SERVPRO technicians can arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss and begin to take back control of your business premises. We pump water out of the property fast while taking care to prevent mold or water contamination from affecting your premises.

What happens to my business equipment in a significant flood loss?

Business equipment can be vital to your ability to perform your services. The cost of replacing equipment can be high, while insurance claims can take time to come through. SERVPRO is an expert at protecting and restoring contents and equipment in commercial premises. Usually, we aim to restore materials on-site by isolating them in a clean, dry area of the premises. When significant flooding situations occur, we can perform a pack-out procedure where equipment, or stock, can be taken for temporary storage at one of our climate-controlled warehouses. One advantage of removing equipment from the premises altogether is that it allows us to concentrate or restore the structure and provide space for general constructors to perform the repair.

How does a flood pack-out procedure work?

    •    Restorers identify and record items for safe storage
    •    We enlist professional movers to transport goods to our warehouses
    •    Items in secure storage are restored using mechanical washing and drying techniques
    •    Once your business premises is back to a preloss condition, we can return equipment using professional movers

How do I prepare my business for flooding?

One of the leading causes of damage for businesses with flooding is structural absorption and water migration. The difference between category one and category four flooding is the amount that water has spread into building materials as well as cavities. The most effective method of safeguarding your business against flooding is to make it water-resistant. These steps could include using tiles or concrete with a damp proof cover on your floors instead of carpets or wood. The same approach applies to baseboards and structural components. Using flood-resistant varnishes can help to prevent floodwater migration while you wait for restorers to arrive.

What is a good flood preparation plan for businesses?

    •    Make a list of any equipment or items that you can remove quickly from the building or onto upper levels when a flood warning occurs
    •    Order and store sandbags which can help to protect doorways and other openings from water intrusion
    •    Keep a list of vital contacts including restorers, insurance documents and local council emergency numbers
    •    Prepare a plan of evacuation for you and your staff

Control losses at your business premises after flooding, contact SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties at (865) 429-8885.