Recent Before & After Photos

Sevierville Water and Mold Damage

The leaking water heater slowly wicked water into the sheetrock of this home in Sevierville, causing the damage shown in the Before Photo. Our skilled WRT water... READ MORE

House Fire

This home was affected by a grease fire. The Stove, cabinets and ceiling were all affected. Notice the extent of the damage that just cooking grease can do if l... READ MORE

Commercial Mold

If You See Visible Mold If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturb... READ MORE

Major Loss

A thunderstorm created several inches of standing water in this Sevierville business. SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Co. worked around the clock to re... READ MORE


This mechanical room was tested positive for mold growth, the mold was caused from a previous water damage that never got dried correctly therefore causing mold... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Foam

At this Sevierville commercial property someone got the fire extinguisher and decided to spray it all around the hotel conference room and out into the lobby if... READ MORE

Mold on exterior of building

The exterior of this building had mold growth SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Co. was called to take care of the mold. The before picture shows the mol... READ MORE

School Cafeteria

This flooded school cafeteria was the result of a major roof leak. Notice the extent of the water. The after picture was taken the day SERVPRO arrived on site.... READ MORE

Condo Water Damage

This very popular resort condominiums in Sevierville had a water loss in one of their units. The water was caused by the hot water heater leaking. Our was right... READ MORE


This home in Jefferson City was flooded because of a HVAC unit that got backed up, causing the carpet and padding and title to be affected and needing replacing... READ MORE