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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Effective Strategies For Damage Remediation in Sevierville That You Can Use Today

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

fire and water damaged kitchen Many scenarios include damage of every type.  Fire, water and mold damage often go hand in hand.  Contact SERVPRO right away.

Why Sevierville Residences Benefit from Local, SERVPRO Restoration Services

We are a restoration service with a century of combined experience in loss recovery. Our company covers property damages relating to storm, mold, fire, and water damages with cross-training in various areas. This type of cross-training is not always prevalent in the industry and allows us a unique vantage point from which to help the Sevierville community. Over the years, SERVPRO taskforces have covered both commercial properties and private residences with the same enthusiasm, skill, and desire to help you overcome unforeseen emergencies. Our technicians are based right here in Sevierville and are familiar with the unique architecture and building materials of local residences.


Mold remediation is a complex task that can often elude even the most vicarious of Sevierville homeowners. While scrubbing away at large colonies can be a useful stop-gap solution, it is also one more inconvenience in your schedule. Mainly as non-professional removal can frequently result in the mold damage of your Sevierville home returning time after time. SERVPRO restoration services are local to the area and ready to provide the expertise you need to overcome microbial growth issues. 

One problem in fixing mold issues yourself is cross-contamination. Mold spores are microscopic and can quickly spread around your home on air currents, shoes, clothing, and tools. In this respect, a contained microbial growth issue in your bathroom can extend to your en-suite, kitchen, or hallways. Here at SERVPRO, our mold remediation technicians are acutely aware of how mold spreads and can put in place actions to prevent it. These actions may include physical guards like plastic sheeting or using vacuums during cleaning to prevent spores from escaping.

It is common for mold remediation services to request laboratory testing. We find that these processes can often be both time-consuming and expensive. Quick restoration services are most successful when infested materials are identified, removed, and replaced. SERVPRO can remove disposable materials while using advanced technologies like ultrasonic cleaning and Esporta washing machines to restore precious contents in your Sevierville home.


The impact of fire damage on your Sevierville home takes both an emotional and practical toll. SERVPRO restoration services are on-hand should you require minor, moderate, or significant loss recovery services. Our technicians are trained and qualified to restore carpets, structure as well as air quality and odor. We can arrive on-site promptly to remove charred materials or debris, which may be contributing factors to further losses. 

At SERVPRO, we operate with a restore over replace mentality. That means we do our utmost to ensure that salvageable possessions are not thrown away. Using specialized solvent cleaning agents, we can often remove even the most stubborn soot and smoke residues. Tables can be refinished, carpets restored, and drapery rods treated to immersion cleaning.

While we do our best to restore all items, some may be deemed non-salvageable. Non-salvageable items are an unfortunate reality of the harm caused by fire. These items can be digitally recorded during the restoration service giving you a detailed inventory to pass on to your insurer. To relieve inconvenience, SERVPRO includes a stress-free claims process for all residents here in Sevierville. These can include filing paperwork to your insurance adjuster on your behalf.


Adverse weather events can result in flash flooding, which rapidly enters your property, causing extensive storm damage in your Sevierville home. The impact of flash flooding is especially prominent in homes with floorboards or other types of non-sealed flooring. This impact occurs because large volumes of water can seep below your flooring and cause water-logging or mold issues to both your subfloor and subfloor pads.

SERVPRO technicians can provide restoration services that incorporate subfloor inspection and recovery. Sub-floor pads tend to break apart when coming into contact with water and need disposal and replacement. Fortunately, these subfloor mats are relatively inexpensive and should not have a severe effect on your overall claim. Your subfloor, on the other hand, can become cracked, rotten, or otherwise damaged if the correct drying procedure is not undertaken.

Correct drying procedure can vary depending on the type of material and the scope of the job at hand. SERVPRO restoration services can deploy desiccant humidifiers to reduce the humidity to below forty grains per pound (GPP.) At below 40GPP, the surrounding air is drier than the subfloor, drawing out moisture and reducing the likelihood of secondary mold issues or cracking. We can also use powerful water extraction units when there is evidence of heavy soaking of subfloor materials. By using a thorough drying method in all areas of your Sevierville home, we can increase the chances of restoration to a preloss condition.


The most common restoration service we provide at SERVPRO is for water issues. Frequently, water damage can exist in your Sevierville home alongside other forms of harm. Mold requires water to grow. Storms can incorporate flooding, and even fire can become a water issue because typical firefighting procedures involve hoses and hydrants. Unwanted moisture in the home can stagnate, set damages, or result in microbial growth issues if the issue is not attended to in time. 

Water restoration technicians (WRT) here at SERVPRO are available within four hours of notification of loss. We understand how quickly a minor issue can deteriorate, which is why our primary focus is mitigating losses. A useful mitigation method is to remove as much water as possible in as little time as possible. To achieve this, SERVPRO can bring truck-mounted extraction units as well as submersible gas pumps and air-movers to encourage evaporation. 

With the immediate harm causing elements taken care of, our technicians can set to work performing cleaning of the existing damages. These could include restoring carpets, cleaning walls, or even refinishing and repainting areas that show signs of discoloration. Usually, odors dissipate during the cleaning and drying process. When they do not, our odor control technicians (OCT) can use several deodorization methods to mask, neutralize, or remove malodors. 

SERVPRO of Sevier, Jefferson & Cocke Counties is on-hand to help you through a property disaster relating to mold, storm, fire, or water. You can contact us anytime at (865) 429-8885.

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